Sarah James' specialty

On the wedding day, one figure stands out from the rest. It is of course the bride, dressed in her beautiful white dress and wearing the most beautiful bun of the assembly. As the central subject of the event, it is to her that the hairstyling service for a wedding proposed by Sarah James - Hair Designer and Wedding is addressed in the first place. However, on this exceptional day, bridesmaids and guests are also revealed in their most beautiful light and accompany the bride in this quest for grace and sumptuousness. This is why Sarah James, bridal hairdresser, offers in her packages, the care of all other guests who would like to be beautiful and take care of them in this unforgettable day. To do this, Sarah James Hair Designer and Wedding, puts at the disposal of the bride and her guests, all her team of professional hairdressers and makeup artists.

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The wedding hair service in detail

Prepare your wedding hair appointment

Appointments for wedding hair services can be made through a variety of channels and platforms. You can contact Sarah James by phone (calls or sms), via social networks (facebook, instagram, messenger and whatsapp), by email, or directly on this website by clicking on the following link *link*. Sarah James will call you back within 48 hours, and during your exchange with the bridal hairdresser, several information will be exchanged in order to foresee and cover with meticulousness the different needs of the bride-to-be.

The place of the appointment

First, the date and place of the wedding will be discussed. Sarah James travels all over France and offers travel expenses for all appointments on the French Riviera. For any other place Sarah James will determine the amount of the travel expenses according to the ordered service.

The choice of your wedding hairstyle

You will then discuss your desired bridal hairstyle by developing your vision. The wedding hairdresser will then add her expertise and define with you what is achievable with regard to the nature of your hair and your budget. To do this, you will need to send the stylist a series of pictures of your hair and a few models with the idea of what you want. Sarah will then analyze your physical and hair characteristics and decide whether or not to use extensions, coloring or straightening. If this is the case, the bridal hairdresser will order for you the necessary elements to achieve your bridal hairstyle. You will also need to specify if any of your guests or bridesmaids would like to take advantage of Sarah James' services.

The first appointment

The first appointment is a trial appointment that takes place before the wedding. This ""rehearsal"" before the big day is essential in order to avoid any surprises and other worries on the wedding day. Sarah James comes with all her equipment as well as the ordered products necessary for the elaboration of the bridal hairstyle, and begins her service in the same conditions as those of the wedding. This will be an opportunity to test different bridal hairstyles and to specify the final product. It will also be an opportunity to decide on the ornaments that will adorn your wedding bun. Sarah James offers to design them herself, and will not hesitate to use a few flower bouquets on the wedding day to add life and freshness to your style.

As usual, the professional wedding hairdresser will use her charms and naturalness to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The D-day

On the wedding day, everything is ready. You have defined your hairstyle beforehand, during the trial appointment, and Sarah James knows perfectly the choreography she is about to execute. For nearly two hours, the bridal hairstylist pampers you and gets you ready for the ceremony. All that's left is for you to enjoy this moment of joy among all those that will cover the most beautiful day of your life.

Wedding hair for the discerning bride

For the most beautiful day of your life, you need the most attentive hairdresser at home. In your home or at the location of your choice, Sarah will make your dream day come true.

Thank you to Sarah who knew how to realize the hairstyle of my dreams for my wedding. I finally found a hairdresser who really knows how to do elaborate bridal hairstyles and you can go there with your eyes closed.
I recommend her 100%.
Estelle Moreno
Sarah (hairdresser) totally understood my tastes and desires, by doing the mise-en-beauté I was dreaming of. I hadn't even met her before because I don't live in France, but on the wedding day everything was perfect. I warmly recommend her.
Daiana N.
Sarah James is a gem! She makes you look beautiful on the big day and on top of that she is very kind and available (SMS, calls and emails). I recommend her 100%!
Despite a very tight schedule, the result of the ""D-day"" was beyond my expectations! Natural and romantic, not sophisticated. I recommend Sarah to all those who need an attentive ear and who are stressed by life, like me! :-)