The bridal bun

Other than the choice of the dress that will sublimate you on the day of your ceremony, the wedding hairstyle requires the bride's full attention. This one wants indeed attached to the colors of your day and to the features of your personality. So the wedding bun, defying the laws of time and dictating modern trends, guarantees for your dream day, the effects of glamour, elegance and femininity.

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Today, the bridal chignon is one of the most varied and customizable hairstyling techniques, and lends the bride an infinite number of aesthetic combinations. So, beyond the classic high and low wedding bun, a whole range of elaborate buns is invited to weddings.

So for a formal and traditional style, you may choose the elegant efficiencies of the banana chignon and the veil chignon. Or you may prefer the romantic bridal chignon for a fairytale look. Other hairstyling techniques also allow you to keep a natural look with a blurred look that is becoming more and more popular with brides. This is the case of the fuzzy bun and the bohemian or bohemian chic bridal bun. All these wedding buns can be worked, smoothed, curled, unstructured, high and low, thus offering the professional hairdresser the opportunity for originality.

Another advantage of the bridal bun is that it can be easily combined with other common hairstyling techniques. The braid, for example, can be integrated into the movement of the hair in a chignon. It can also be conceived as a braided crown, or can just as easily compose the entire low or high bun. Blow-drying is also part of the hairstyling techniques that can be easily combined with the bridal bun. It allows you to give volume to the wedding hairstyle or to subtract some depending on the nature of your hair. The work of the locks is also a must for the wedding bun. You can straighten, curl or even color your hair to enhance your style. Finally, it is not uncommon to use hair extensions for the wedding bun. Indeed, the chignon is generally worked on long hair. In some cases, for short or medium length hair, it will be favorable to opt for an ephemeral hair extension to achieve your dream wedding bun.

It is quite common to adorn bridal buns with a few ornaments. The wedding hairstyle is then dressed with pretty objects, jewels and floral bouquets.

Sarah James, hairdresser at home and specialist of wedding buns, offers her services on the whole French Riviera, from Monaco to Saint-Tropez. The opportunity for you to guarantee for your D-day a perfectly executed bridal chignon, and to share a moment of softness in the heat of the appointments of the hairdresser of style.