A specialty of Sarah James

As soon as she arrived on the Côte d'Azur, nearly fifteen years ago, Sarah James specialized in technical hairstyles coveted by high-end clients. She then followed a series of training courses, including advanced training in the structuring of elaborate chignons and hair extension techniques. She also took the opportunity to enrich her mastery of ceremonial blow-drying and to perfect her work on highlights and straightening for an exceptional service.

Today, Sarah James is known throughout the French Riviera for her prestigious hairstyles that she polishes with meticulousness, in yachts, castles and palaces in the region and beyond.

A true professional of events and themed parties, Sarah James will adorn you with a dream hairstyle for your charity gala, your ceremony or your corporate event.


Ceremonial Blowdry :

The particularity of the blow-dry as a ceremonial hairstyle lies in its wide range of nuances in the treatment of the hair. In this way, by the play of the movements, the brushes and the hair dryer, Sarah James decorates your top of head, of pretty curls, locks and smoothed bangs. We will then find in the ceremonies, the testimonies of the wavy blow dry, the braided blow dry or the straight blow dry.

The chignon of ceremony :

The chignon of ceremony is revealed as for him under elaborate features which bring to the evening dress some gallant eccentricities. The chignon is a coveted piece for the hairstylist, who sees the creative and customizable potential. It is above all very technical and can reveal itself, between the fingers of the stylist, as a real work of art. So for your theme parties, birthdays or corporate ceremonies, you can choose a chic or bohemian chignon, high or low, banana chignon or a braided chignon. The possibilities are endless.

Hair extensions for your ceremony :

It is sometimes tempting to use the opportunity of the event to choose a new style. Hair extensions are an effective way to transform your look temporarily or over time. Keratin, clip-in or adhesive, hair extensions will give your formal hairstyle some length and volume that will enhance your figure. For extensions that last, choose keratin hair extensions that can last up to six months. Adhesive strip hair extensions are ideal for a few days' installation. Finally, clip-in hair extensions can be an efficient way to dress up your formal hairstyle for an evening.

Highlights and straightening for ceremony :

Other amenities of the formal hairstyle, highlights and straightening are highly coveted techniques in the chic evening aesthetic. Smoothed, curled or colored, the worked highlights will lend to your style the elegant originality that will make you stand out. You can choose a few colored strands that will highlight your outfit and match the different ornaments that adorn it. Or maybe you'll choose to straighten or curl a few strands of hair to break up the usual moves.

Sarah James will advise you and link the swings of your ceremonial hairstyle to the outfits and themes of your event. Very concerned with balance and refinement, Sarah takes care, in styling exercises, to sublimate your ceremonial hairstyle with meticulousness. Armed with technical knowledge of which she is a specialist, the hairdresser takes pleasure in the game of illusion and brilliance to guarantee you a successful evening. Cocktails, birthdays, communions, award ceremonies, charity events or even weddings, Sarah James will do your hair for all your events on the French Riviera.

For an original ceremony hairstyle

Do you want to adorn yourself with a special hairstyle for an event that is important to you? Sarah James is the hairdresser you need at home.