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More and more used in the French hairdressing vocabulary, the blow dry is the literal translation of the brushing.
The curl is a circular wave of hair that curls on itself.
Blow-drying is a styling technique that uses a brush and a blow-dryer. This technique allows you to place the hair and play with its shape for one or two days.
Same principle as the straight blow-dry, but here the professional hairdresser will make curls using a spiral brush and a hair dryer.
A straight blow-dry is a temporary, straight styling of the hair.
Soft blow-drying is a technique derived from wavy blow-drying that adds an anti-frizz treatment to the wavy shape of the hair.
Wavy blowdrying gives the hair a wavy shape and adds volume to the hair
Originally, the chignon is a hairstyle for long hair, consisting in rolling up the hair at the back of the head. Today this technique is revealed in countless forms. Moreover, the chignon can be adorned with accessories such as flowers, jewelry or any other ornament.
The banana bun, or French twist, is a technique that consists of grabbing a large portion of long hair with the hand, and gathering it by rolling it into a cluster that is then fixed with hair clips, combs or pins. The banana bun is very used in the working world for a very professional look.
Low bun consists in the curling of the hair with an orientation to the bottom, at the level of the nape of the neck.
The bohemian bun is a natural looking bun where the hair tie is not visible from the outside. It usually gives the impression of a casual chic style without embellishments, clips etc. The bohemian bun has been very trendy for the past few years.
The curly bun is a bun where the cluster of hair in the back is made up of natural or blow dry curls.
In contrast to the low bun, the high bun has its cluster of hair grouped or braided on the top of the head.
The wedding bun is generally an elaborate and personal bun (or a very neat blow-dry), which tends to sublimate the bride on this exceptional day that is the wedding. It is not uncommon to see a small bouquet of flowers on the wedding bun.
The ceremonial hairstyle is a so-called glamorous or elegant hairstyle, which is worn at parties, galas or receptions. It is generally presented in the form of buns or brushings.
Home hairdressing is the practice of bringing the benefits of the hairdressing salon to the client's home. In this way, the professional hairdresser comes to the client's home (or any other place), equipped with the necessary material for the elaboration of the cuts and hairstyles usually proposed in a hairdressing salon.
The wedding hairstyle is a generally technical and elaborate hairstyle intended to sublimate the look of the bride for the day of the ceremony. It is often a question of technical buns or worked brushings.
Hair coloring is a technique that consists of tinting or coloring the hair, in part or in strands.
Hair extensions, also called hair additions, are false strands of hair, synthetic or natural, that are attached to the real hair using clips, adhesive strips or keratin
This method of hair installation is a simplified process that allows for rapid fixation. Several strands of hair are attached to a single adhesive strip that is placed on the midline of the head.
This technique consists of attaching natural or synthetic strands of hair using keratin, a protein known for its adhesive properties. It differs from other hair additions because it melts easily with heat and allows for a long-lasting hold.
The half bun is a hairstyle that has a bun on the back of the head, but leaves some of the hair hanging around.
The hair bun is the English translation of the chignon.
It differs from the artificial or synthetic extension. It uses human hair, therefore natural.
The synthetic hair extension is the use of artificial hair designed from synthetic fibers.
Straightening is a hair styling technique used to flatten and straighten hair. It is generally used with a heating iron or specialized straightening products.
In hairdressing, hair streaks are groups of hair that are treated in the same bunch in order to color, straighten, curl, etc.
The hair braid is a hairstyle technique similar to the braid, but flat.
The wavy effect is given to the hair to give it volume and consistency.
The ponytail hairstyle is nothing more than the traditional ponytail fixed with an elastic, a clip or a barrette.
The braid is a hairstyle that consists of intertwining the hair on top of each other in a pretty shape.
The African braid is a tight braid that is directly against the skull.
The waterfall braid is a braid in the form of a crown that gives the illusion of a waterfall with the long hair that escapes.